Weight Loss

We use a weight management program at Health Horizons that is safe for men, women and children. The reason it is safe is that it is personalized to each person and is based on nutrition and not on starvation. Beginning with your initial “Wellness Evaluation” you will begin a relationship with your wellness coach supervised by Dr. Komadina who is recognized around the world as an expert in weight management and healthy nutrition through supplementation and food choices. Our Western Diet is killing us and the facts are at hand. Let us personalize a program for you after scientifically analyzing your body composition and protein, carbohydrate and fat needs. Your perfect weight is literally a phone call away. Sounds like a gimmick, but look at the results…

Dr. Komadina before: 300+ pounds After 190 pounds.

Fantastic results for Amy. She feels better than she ever has.

Michael Before on 11 Prescriptions from 7 Different Doctors. Michael After on NO Prescription Medications.


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